105mm x 95mm

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This standard pack contains 100 sheets of premium labels designed for use with all digital media. This range of labels is centred and designed to match Avery printing templates and are perfect for home and office use.

*Please note that Clear and White Polyester labels are only suitable for use with laser printers.

Teslin is a highly durable material which is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, moisture and temperature extremes. These labels are completely waterproof allowing them to retain form when submerged in or exposed to water, meeting British Standard (BS) 5609 for immersion-labelling testing.

Teslin has been designed for high speed printing and readily absorbs inks and toners to ensure brilliant colour reproduction and lock-in printed text (even very small font), graphics and photos near instantaneously.

Teslin labels are perfectly suited for chemical drum labelling.

Labels Per Box 600
Sheets Per Box 100
Labels Per Sheet 6 per sheet
Dimensions Length x Height 105mm Long x 95mm High
Top margin 6mm
Cliplabels Code (SKU) L95105
Avery Compatible Code N/A